Preliminary Design

Alfa Marine Design, working principle of design is based on logic of the "design spiral", that forms the basis of naval architecture.

1. Engineering Design;
Engineering design consists of six parts:

• Definition and formulation of the problem
• Research of documents for requisite informations.
• The development of diffrent concepts that contribute to solving the problem.
• Developed alternative concepts is analyzed by using theoretical, empirical and experimental methods.
• Select one of the alternatives developed by using the optimization technique.

2-Ship Design;

• Calculation of the construction and operating costs by determining the expected function and performance characteristics of the ship. Preparing schedule of the design and construction.
• Limiting design elements are determined
• Different design alternatives are developed.
• Developed the optimum design is selected from among alternatives.
• The selected design details are developed.

• When ship's construction , course and service experiences are completed; All of the documents are archived for use in the future designs.

As a result of all this work, we provide the most important part of our design for the ship, the "body form" begin to create.Target speed, load-bearing capacity, traction forces, etc... details as to reflect the desired properties of the ship's design is carried out to the smallest detail in mind.

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